BJ Baartmans & Mike Roelofs


Ins Blaue Hinein is a studio project together with singer and songwriter BJ Baartmans, who is a dear friend.
Ever since the first recording session we had together (over ten years ago) we’ve been talking about recording some instrumental music just the both of us. I’m happy to say that this long planned collaboration resulted in a very authentic album with blues, jazz, film and scapy influences.
Since BJ plays all the string instruments you can imagine, he plays the guitars and bass on it. I took care of the keys and the drums.
The record just came out we’re playing this music live too.

June 2017:
We made a sequel: Outward and Return.

Agnes sings Barbara


Actrice Agnes Bergmeijer and pianist Mike Roelofs bring the songs of the French chansonniere Barbara, in a Dutch translation by Peer Wittenbols.

Read more (in dutch) ….

Analog Smog

analog smog S

Analog Smog plays original compositions often with a tight groove and lots of room for improv and interpretation.
The players are Stefan Rademacher on electric bass, Jasper van Hulten on drums and Frederik Köster on trumpet. I exclusively play Fender
Rhodes in this band and use a lot of external FX. The band is cooking!
Check out all the details of our tour in fall 2016.


Quickdraw is a freaky, analog, dirty and very danceable groove machine featuring: Sjoerd van Bommel - drums, Stephan Jankowski - guitars. Our first LP will be released some time next year and will be called ‘Raunchy At Roy’s’. It also features Emiel van der Heide on tenor saxophone.

Roelofs2 Lauscher Trio


Roelofs2 Lauscher trio in a group of three musicians in conversation with each other: Me, drummer Geert Roelofs and bass player Werner Lauscher. The first album ‘Catharsis’ came out in 2009 on Prova and is available in the shop.

Root of the Matter

IMG_3560 klein

A new jazz trio consisting of Guus Bakker on bass, Arthur Lijten on drums and myself. I wanted to record this particular
original music for some years now. The songs are not new, but the interpretors are. Arthur and Guus are both excellent players and
I wanted players that could lift the music. We recorded the music in August 2015. At the moment, My dear friend Niels Koster, who recorded it, and I are working on it. Selecting takes, editing and mixing. I’ll keep you posted.



We play atmospheric and electrified grooves with a touch of film music, I’d say. Until now we just released one Vinyl called…yes…Deuk
With drummer Nicky Hustinx and bass player Rik Kraak, two inventive players who do’t just roam in the jazz scene but do all kind’s of stuff.
Somewhere in the future we’ll be working on ‘Deuk’ part two.

Literaire Concerten

Mike en Noor

Literaire Concerten (Literary Concerts) is a crossover project between improvised and composed soundscapes with poetry and short stories, written and recited by Noor Roelofs (all in Dutch). Products are available in the shop. For more information also visit: