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Limburg in Beeld

De film LIMBURG IN BEELD, opgenomen in 1918, is in opdracht van het Limburgs Museum in een nieuwe jas gestoken. Ik componeerde muziek voor deze oorspronkelijk zwijgende film, dichteres Noor Roelofs schreef tekst bij de beelden. Op 13 januari 2018 wordt de film vertoond tijdens het Limburg Film Festival, live begeleid door mij, Noor en basklarinettist Piotr Torunski. Een uniek kijkje in de wereld van 100 jaar geleden dat de huidige in een nieuw perspectief zet.

Zaterdag 13 januari 2018
13:30 - 14:30
Limburgs Museum
Keulse Poort 5, Venlo


Leaving the Valley of the Shadow

Check out Leaving the Valley of the Shadow.
The next concert wil be 27 september at the EU Jazz night III, in Maastricht (NL)

There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.’ - Nelson Mandela


Outward & Return

Here is the second instrumental duo album I made with BJ Baartmans.

Outwardandreturn voorkant

'Grote klasse.' Oor, augustus 2017

'Een ware verademing.' Rootstime, juni 2017

'Het album ademt een rustieke relaxte sfeer uit en getuigd van een groot meesterschap, qua muzikaliteit en sound engineering.' Blues Magazine, juli 2017

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Final Exam

It's been 15 years since I've studied at the conservatory in Maastricht. Never graduated at the time but left in the fourth year, started playing gigs, recording and later on teaching. Matured musically, gained some experience and had the pleasure to play with wonderful musicians from whom I learned a lot. To my mind a diploma hardly says anything about ones musical capabilities since it's a very relative thing. And most of the time I didn't care about having one.

But the last years I felt I wanted to close this chapter because It's been a thorn in the side for me for some time now. So I decided to go ahead and play a concert which will be judged as my final exam.
My dear friends Geert Roelofs and Werner Lauscher will join me on drums and bass.

We want to invite you all to come and enjoy a night of good live music! We sincerely hope to see you there.

June 20th, 19:00 AINSI, Maastricht
Update 21th of June: graduated cum laude.

Opportunity for Unity


Op tour met Ryan Carniaux, Ra-Kalam Bob Moses, Plume, Samuel Dühsler en Demien Caba!
Zie de agenda voor de data en de website voor meer informatie.
Maandag 5 juni bij Jazz in de Klep!

Flight of the Ant

Flight of the Ant S

This is a new project with Achim Heine and David Golek, a band where I play Hammond organ.
Check out our website!


Duo with me (keys and vocals) and Sjoerd van Bommel (percussion and vocals). We play authentic grooves and material with extra deepening. The focus is gospel/New Orleans and related, sometimes a jazzy approach and even rootsy music.

8 april 2017, Little Havanna, Bonaire
16 april 2017, Den Boemel, Tilburg
26 november, 2017, Cuyperhuis, Roermond
12 december 2017, Blue Room, Den Bosch

Album out!


Available in the store.

Ins Blaue Hinein is a studio project together with singer and songwriter BJ Baartmans, who is a dear friend.
Ever since the first recording session we had together (over ten years ago) we’ve been talking about recording some instrumental music just the both of us. I’m happy to say that this long planned collaboration resulted in a very authentic album with blues, jazz, film and scapy influences.
Since BJ plays all the string instruments you can imagine, he plays the guitars and bass on it. I took care of the keys and the drums.
The record just came out. We’re playing this music live too.
21 mei 2017, Cambrinus, Horst. 16:00.

Een zinnenprikkelende luistertrip.
**** Jazzism, juli 2016

Voortreffelijk album.
8,5 Heaven, juni 2016

Mannen met een ambacht die lekker onbekommerd hebben zitten pielen en elkaar hoorbaar horizonverruimend omarmen.
Kinda Muzik website

Contact: ObscureMyEmail

I’m not looking for Mike Roelofs the musician but for Mike Roelofs the photographer.